Newsletter July 2021

COVID seems to have dominated and shaped many business agendas over the last 18 months. However, with the lifting of restrictions allowing a return to some semblance of a new normal, we wanted to update you on some areas of IT that might be of interest to you:

Windows 11
You may have heard in the news recently that Microsoft are releasing a new version of Windows – Windows 11. This is scheduled to be released in the autumn of this year and contradicts previous statements by Microsoft in which they said Windows 10 would be the “last version of Windows”. We expect new hardware to start to be delivered with the new operating system in the latter part of this year.

What does this mean? The user interface look and feel has been refreshed (some say it is more “mac like”) and there are extra features that may be of more relevance in the home market. For businesses this is just another version of Windows for people to get used to and does not give any business level functionality improvements over Windows 10.

You may be thinking: Should I upgrade? In short no, there does not seem to be any pressing business reason to upgrade existing PCs to Windows 11. Our recommendation would be to allow the introduction of Windows 11 as new hardware is purchased but to keep existing machines on Windows 10 for the foreseeable future. Windows 10 is in full support until October 2025 and Microsoft is ensuring full interoperability between the versions. There is no guarantee that existing applications and hardware will be compatible with the new version. We will review this recommendation following the Windows 11 release and based on user experience following on from that.

For anyone who is still running unsupported Windows Server versions (e.g. 2008), you could find that new machines purchased after the Windows 11 release will not connect to your server, so please factor that into any upgrades you plan to make. If you have any questions about Windows 11 please contact us.

Windows 365
Microsoft have also announced they are releasing Windows 365 which is a “desktop in the cloud” accessible from any internet connected compatible device. The cloud pc enables remote workers to connect to an business managed desktop from anywhere.

Phishing Emails
According to recent surveys Phishing emails have become the most common delivery method causing Ransomware infections. Phishing emails often contain either an attachment with malware-laced macros or a link leading to a malicious domain. Employees who open and “Enable content” for these attachments, or who click on such links and try to authenticate with their Office 365 credentials, are at serious risk of having their device compromised or suffering a data breach. While it is important for users to be vigilant and to know what to look for, there are technologies which can help minimise the impact if caught out, such as enabling MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) on your 365 account and introducing spam filters before your mail provider. If you are unsure what preventative measures you have in place or would like to know what you can do to further secure your system please do let us know.

Return to Office
In line with Government advice, some customers are planning their return to the office and contemplating the future of how they will work. NetVector is offering to be available onsite on the return day to cover any IT issues. We have had some clients find that devices are not working correctly or the internet is slow etc and the fix to this might well be expedited if we are onsite.

In terms of the longer view on futures of working, clearly it has been proved that many can work from home, made easier by collaboration products like Teams, Zoom, Slack, 3CX etc. Home working also introduces challenges like remote devices, secure access to the work systems and how to integrate new staff into the company. NetVector will continue to fully support your preferred working model as that changes and develops over the coming months.

NetVector News
Here at NetVector, we have found that the flexibility of homeworking has had a positive impact on our staff’s wellbeing and engagement. We are therefore trialling a ‘hybrid’ working model with effect from September where staff can work up to three days from home. Staff will work the remainder of the week at the NetVector office. From a customer perspective, this transition will be seamless and thanks to the quality of our remote technology, our teams will continue to provide an efficient and effective service. If you would like further details on IT options for considering this model for your business, please let us know.

In other news, we have recently recruited Laura McAulay, a new Accounts and Sales Administrator. Laura will be assisting Danielle Hickson in our finance department and you will no doubt be receiving emails from her in the future as she settles into her new role.

If you would like further information on these or other topics of concern related to NetVector services, please do not hesitate to get in touch by either replying to this email, contacting your account manager directly or by speaking to a member of our support team on our normal number 03700 500 040.