IT Support for Financial Services – how can using a specialised IT Business Partner benefit your business?

Technology is a fast-moving environment and it is vital for businesses to innovate otherwise they risk being left behind. Over the past 20 years there have been areas of great success where late adopters have suffered from not keeping up to date with IT in business.

Not investing in key business tools such as fast, responsive, real-time systems can be a company’s down fall, plus investing in the business IT set up is crucial to allow for flexible and remote working and, most importantly, data recovery and back up to minimise down-time.

But how do you know where you should be investing your IT spend to reap the best rewards for your business and stay ahead of the game?

Seeking Professional IT Advice

You probably already have an IT service provider in place to back up your systems, host your servers, and maintain your hardware but do they really understand your business and the sector you operate in?

Within the Financial Services industry, the very nature of handling other peoples’ money means that knowledge of tightly controlled security, audit trails and adherence with codes of conduct defined by regulatory bodies are a must for any technology provider working in this market.

Client expectations are high, and the needs of the customer are paramount – and with a constant requirement for reliable and immediate information, your IT support partner must be reliable and offer fast and effective problem resolution 24/7.

Understanding the regulatory requirements within Financial Services

Financial services firms face many strict regulations from financial bodies like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and European Banking Authority (EBA).

Most IT support companies do not have the specific industry knowledge and expertise, and therefore are unable to make informed recommendations for your technology infrastructure and solutions that are going to keep you compliant.

By choosing to work with a technology or IT support partner that knows the market, they can work with you to plan out an IT strategy that will actually make it easier for you to be compliant with financial regulations with no expensive, nasty surprises.

Experts in supporting Financial Services

NetVector has particular expertise with independent and tied financial advisers, mortgage brokers, foreign exchange brokerages and many other types of intermediary.

We’re very familiar and comfortable with adhering to guidelines from the FCA and differentiating between the rhetoric and genuinely useful areas of good practice.

Couple that with a knowledge of accounting applications, practice management systems and prospecting software from many major institutions and you’ve got your perfect IT support partner for any financial services.

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