Why is cloud storage better than its onsite counterpart?

Many businesses are still clinging onto traditional storage options, but if you are starting to think about an option that’s more cost-effective and secure, we can help. Upgrading to cloud computing storage technology may be just what you’re after.

Backups and access via cloud storage

Forget about the worrying you used to do when faced with space issues on your PC or server based drives. Not only would this compromise the whole backup process, but your laptop or PC could also be affected when the hard drive is pushed to its limits. Cloud storage allows you to perform your backups without affecting your own storage space. You can also access these files from any computer, no matter where in the world you may be. You can also synchronise the folders to your own preference and this allows you to always have access to the latest versions of these files.

Security issues are taken care of with cloud storage  

Just imagine that your laptop becomes lost or stolen – you’re likely to have some very important files within your hard drive. Personal or professional information that, when in the wrong hands, could compromise your security. If you choose cloud storage instead of saving directly onto your laptop hard drive, all you would be faced with is a boring insurance claim, because all of those files are safely stored in the cloud.

Cloud storage beats an external drive any day of the week

Up until recent times, external drives have offered a safe alternative to saving your files on a PC or laptop. But since cloud computing has emerged, external storage options have decreased massively due to cost effectiveness. Online cloud storage prices are almost half the cost of using an external drive service.

File sharing and editing via cloud storage

If you’re in business, then flexibility and versatility is key. And cloud storage simply cannot be beaten as far as the flexibility of file sharing is concerned. Once you have updated your document, you can make it accessible to whomever you choose. Once uploaded to the cloud, your delegated users are able to view or edit the contents as you wish. You can use passwords to make these protected, or else simply issue a link or email invitation to the people who need to work with these files.

Point is, it’s you who is in control.