4 Awesome Benefits of Cloud Computing

If you are currently thinking about moving away from the more traditional computing setups and rather like the idea of cloud-based IT, there’s plenty in it for you. In this blog post we look at 4 key areas where cloud computing can really help your business, whatever size it is.


Once you have decided to shift your physical IT presence to the cloud, your employees will start to enjoy a new lease of life as far as freedom and flexibility are concerned. No more issues about lugging around those heavy work laptops because your cloud based storage is accessible via handheld devices no matter where you may be. Just ensure that your virtual office has been set up securely and your VPNs are in place and you’ll soon be able to check up on the latest news from your home, the park or even on holiday.


This is a key area, especially for SMEs. Take advantage of the incredible savings that having a virtual office space can bring to the table. Physical storage can be incredibly expensive and that includes having to pay for onsite and offsite backup services and archiving storage space. Your cloud computer people will ensure that your data is both secure and easy to restore when the need arises.


Nowadays it is even more important than ever to have business continuity and the fact that all of your data is stored in the cloud means that any issues that may arise at your physical premises should not affect the integrity or safety of your documents whatsoever. They will always be safe and sound and you can easily access those files without the need to set up a DR site.


So long as you look for the right type of service provider, having automatic updates included in your costs should really help. This means your OS and all applications are kept up to date without the need to fork out for expensive licenses and extensions at any point in time. You should also be able to have your processing power and storage size increased as and when but ensure that you take your time when selecting the best cloud computing provider to suit your business and professional needs at the outset.

Cloud computing is certainly the way forward and right now there are some incredible deals to be had so long as you take stock of your current requirements and do not rush into any binding contracts.