Why having the right IT support is crucial for any business

We now live in a digital age. Whether you’re in the commercial or education sector, you’re probably totally reliant on your IT infrastructure.

For starters, you’re relying on it working. But you’re also relying on it serving your business properly, both now and in the future. How can you be sure you’re in safe hands? How much do you really know about the technical stuff that’s going on behind the scenes of your business?

We don’t mean to alarm you, but there are also going to be unforeseen IT issues. It’s inevitable. Therefore it’s vital that downtime is minimised and your staff are able to access your IT network safely.

It may be best to take a step back from your business and look at your potential pain points.

The most common IT issue that every business faces is a hardware or software problem. Errors tend to crop up when the technology you’re using is reaching the end of its lifespan. Think about retiring certain pieces of equipment and periodically upgrading in critical areas.

Another biggie is having a badly thought out backup strategy. Losing important data isn’t just a security issue (though that’s bad enough). It’s also a question of your brand image. Will customers trust you if something happens that was entirely preventable? It’s thought that if businesses that lose critical data are 90% more likely to fold within two years.

Some businesses also suffer IT issues when they have insufficient power protection. So when there’s a sudden (and unpredictable) power outage or surge in power, a lot of carnage can be done. Electronic components can be damaged resulting in, again, potential loss of critical data.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to rectify some of these IT threats is to examine the relationship that your business has with its IT provider. Technology is changing and developing every day, so picking an IT provider that is capable of serving your business tomorrow as well as today is vital.

Your IT system is the heart and soul of your business, whether you’re aware of that or not. Do you have a plan in place if something goes awry? If you want to maintain productivity, you should do. Come say hello to us today if you need any pointers. We offer a wide range of support services with unlimited use.